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the eye. the team that us drone strikes are many forces launched an offensive on qaeda militants still have the latest on the attack that left dozens dead just a hat and president obama will soon travel to asia for lunch on the trans pacific partnership. the secret regale us critics worried about its effects on average consumer. the latest un demands for more transparency coming up. the supreme court it was off to clean every cell of the broadcaster's area offers consumers a way to watch report out of your tv from upright. broadcasters
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would shut down for copyright infringement. the wrongness of david versus goliath court battle leadership a new. it's like you're in washington dc our team. the beginning yemen where us strikes had purportedly killed fifty five suspected militants over the weekend. the strikes are part of a joint us yen encounter territories against members of al qaeda. or a kibaki. getting security officials say take your atm recently constructed a major base in the remote southern down to the country that included a training ground and warehouses for weapons and vehicles. bass was targeted into heady days of bombing on sunday and monday suggesting that john morton and then it's heating up once again. commentators have said has more. three days of german sure it's in yemen in the white house isn't saying much. first of all i can
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speak to specific operations that the secret front of the more than decade old war on terror. dammit. it's been really covered in the us media. more than one hundred us contract to kill as many as one thousand people in yemen since two thousand not those are numbers are hard to come by. the latest attacks coming this weekend with a suspected u s turkish right to the truck carrying militants in the aisle by the province on saturday killing thirteen including three civilians who are in the blast. with this letter said. our vehicle was fifteen meters from a tactic to travel from the stress poured on our part. it's up to the first attack the second attack took place two and three of my friends in the process. nearly one year ago president obama outlined the new rules for the restroom for including this one regarding civilian deaths. and before any strike at stake. there must be near certainty that no civilians will be killed or injured more strikes in yemen on
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sunday and monday reportedly killed fifty five suspected militants in a queue reiki training base in the southern towns. the same area where the deer surfaced last week of dozens of purported al qaeda members meeting in broad daylight. it's unclear whether those attacks were carried out by the us military the cia and or yemeni forces inherent german strike last december that killed as many as eight thousand people in a wedding convoy in yemen with the us military suspending its lethal drug operations in the country. the pentagon has not commented on the recent strikes. nor is this yet the white house insists that whatever town or terror operations us is conducting in yemen. they're doing it with the full support of the government and yemen. as rickie weeks cables are shown in the yemeni government has misled its people in the house about us turn strikes in the country going as far as claiming responsibility for attacks that were actually conducted by the restrooms. last year a yemeni youth activist told congress. what effect
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the restroom or is having on the people of yemen when they think of that a few. over the heads ready to fire missiles at the end. since i did previously failed to achieve. one downside. i miss them. the white house also says danger of war in yemen is legal under the authorization for use of military force passed by congress in two thousand once again president bush the authority to go to war in afghanistan against al qaeda and associated forces. no assistance to more wines many lawmakers questioned whether out of that authorization now more than a decade old can still legally justified worker never did legally justified. the white house's during wars outside afghanistan and particularly in yemen. all questions that are urgently needed answers as the us dropped bombs on another country for old world war has officially been
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declared. in washington d c said stocks are timid. ten years after charges were read to military trial for alleged mastermind of the chick hundred and four others have that yet again that late this time it's huge fbi investigation into the legal team representing the men went on about that during a lawyer for defended ramzi bin al she'd claimed that two fbi agents questioned member of his defence team working with classified evidence and ask about the activities of others and team members claiming that the investigation could create a potential conflict of interest for any attorneys who are the subject of an investigation. if you ask a judge to put proceedings on hold and to conduct an inquiry. according to assistant us attorney fernando can form our sons has the fbi has opened a preliminary criminal investigation that involves at least in part classified information. walmart. he said he didn't disclose the nature or the focus of the investigation saying he
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was looking into legal implications and to provide details of the investigation and sealed find link to the military judge presiding over the trial. even on chivas defense lawyers say that this disclosure means some potential for conflict remains. the promises of billions in us aid has been reduced to two million dollars according to vice president joe biden speaking in kiev. highest ranking american official to visit ukraine's you're stuck in a lab report surfaced that the kids government federal crackdown on protesters in eastern ukraine. when the nail is therefore it has all the developments. on the assertion of the thing he wants to protect the people from what he see the terror threat of the two bodies were found on the outskirts of the downs in the city traffic violators another one of these bodies as of the ukrainian politician who has a built in the david hall let's put this into a wider context that this announcement is being made that simon the united states vice president joe biden is
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visiting the country as a mouse that has pledged fifty million dollars in aid to the authorities announced that we support from united states the authority. the way that the probable that the reaction to the west and east of the country. now the signing of this is his house be of significance considering the stop the motueka coincided with a visit from the united states c i a chief rehman malik in over a dozen towns and cities in the industrial regions of the country people are the outright refusing to recognize the legitimacy of the authorities and addison's the government releasing thousands of people taking to the streets in protests and demonstrations against the kiev authorities. i know occupying government security buildings. demanding a referendum for more autonomy have noticed a lot of the governed that i know it's a lot of credit since they would with other reaction from kid to this. the sunday times on the vehicles and well that the sun was up to escalate the situation comparable to what the men from the locals. so the situation bodies of the country despite an international agreement
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the beach the street to ease the tensions that still remains incredibly was out of this announcement now for miles on that session of the situation can only become more tense. the journalist ryan o'neal in ukraine class meanwhile americans weigh in on a situation in the country among us is wrong should or should not be ideal candidate to contest the streets. i can find a country which is really different or controversy between eighth and last good hands me her book when your politicians speaking impression that the us has his unbreakable ties with ukraine. i still called that. the staff of the west and scenic you can even sing in ukraine washington claims it has a responsibility to mecca he fears if you bring the what do everyday americans think about that. this kind of. do you think you are shooting to be seen in a crisis in
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ukraine. they should. i don't think they should because they have their own government the other army in the future even politically inside the house. no i don't think they shouldn't again now i know. absolutely no i definitely think that we should intervene but i think she probably and economically then on. he showed ukraine on the map yet. in northern russia. the cost. now on milk list. well intentioned the trees. much. well i'm so thankful and ukraine. she resembled an over the next election. syllabus with construction. a state problem and i'm sorry you are
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probably still. its dimensions. i give up not too lean. sharing the news that the boy gets here. i know that's not me. while it isn't the evening. six people. i asked them one could show ukraine on the map correctly a professional survey agency has done what i just did that with a national sample of americans to ask more than two thousand people and they came up with similar results i bet of six americans could not show. ukraine on the map again survey also showed them for their cent of respondents thought it was from a central location. the more they wanted us to intervene militarily. what about us politicians do they have enough knowledge if ukraine team to team didn't remember some of them have called on
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the screen using this crisis with me is linebacker with the answer coalition. what is your answer crying the american congress isn't motivated by knowledge and practice profile and ignorance the same would be true but the american people are sad because they've been misinformed by the us media or not informed that all about world issues. most people probably can't find ukraine on a map. most people in congress including the senator's probably can't i knew pain in the net they don't know anything about ukraine's history even recent history. ah but what we see in congress along with the white house is an expression of of an informed decision but the expression upon her expression of the design of the aid of us are not in europe or to leave the shed door to get us the us way in order to generate a positive response to what they consider to be u s interest was in tears. they had to incorporate ukraine in the whole region all of the former soviet republics including the former allies of the soviet union was an eastern and central europe into an american sphere of influence they don't need to
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know a lot to know that. mark twain famously said to not create new words so that americans with blair and john we hope you will never go to work in ukraine but for the to have informed opinions. it would help to know some facts about the country. in washington and then a second parking on the nuclear deal the seizure of manhattan skyscraper. the recent on relations between iran and relax. the building is owned by a foundation promoting iranian language and islamic culture. federal authorities claim though at the front to conceal the country's assets but iran says the move is a violation of religious freedom. she's real or not and has the story. he is a city full of skyscrapers but the seizure of that particular one i think that you're the one right behind me. hahas was trying to raise doubts over america's justice system and commitment to religious freedom. the c thirty six storey building
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was largely going by the hour the foundation of persian and islamic cultural center what's prosecutors seized the building last year cleaning the foundation was being used to shield and conceal iranian assets in violation of un sanctions according to court documents the justice department will sell the building industry the proceeds to families affected by elected body in a good attacks including the nineteen eighty three bombing of the u s marine barracks in beaver at tehran's foreign ministry has blasted the move saying confiscating the property of any kind of charity organization raises doubt about the credibility of u s justice and the key to america's commitment to protecting its citizens religious freedom. another puts us on a leash is keen on friday but as a pro obama signed a law barring of running diplomatic meeting of the levy from legally gaining entry into the united states preventing him from serving as the brightest new ambassador to the united
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nations here in the door for server to let the previously served as a drunken to three countries and the european union. but the us has denied him entry over his alleged role in the nineteen seventy nine takeover of the us embassy in tehran since last year the us in iraq have taken baby steps toward improving relations obama and his iranian counterpart hassan remarks spoken over the phone and countries are working aggressively toward striking a deal on in front of your program which subsequently button that international sanctions imposed on iraq to the current lack of trust in cute actions taken by washington. some experts believe tehran may be less likely to make concessions and compromise with the country that's acting more like an enemy than a potential partner. bring to your breed apart now i am rt after a stop to pay its respects to my flight ticket and washington state. obama will touch down and calculated this week the japanese and us negotiators who have not yet managed to reach a basic agreement on free trade trade
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pact. the ten pacific partnership aims to set rules for trade among twelve nations and would in effect buying united states more closely with the portion of the world which accounts for forty percent of global output. but as many people talking at the new engine cars which can be passed because of possible agreement i'm joined here by steve anderson executive director of pt and i first asked what are we facing here. internet users. yellow wheels the traps because you know the publicity and in secret to this rule. they tell us is that. if she he notes written to me in a more extensive police uncensored and so they can go for it. keith hackett is in equities. i use us in three continents. oh and
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the community. people are here to get to the terminating access. so it would be curtailing some of them by sight beneath it that has been to that had been talked about are his so called three strikes rule i think you were caught using a website with i'm with information or data that is copyrighted properly you can then take a hit at the household has three you can ensure access still are a lot of internet right. i acted as essentially saying that the little guy is good and losing count and the outdated business models once implemented. some of these companies can continue to make money. true to its tv this is ruled that the new media conglomerates are lobbying to use the power to censor websites and online content. i'm on a chair to
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use the internet and you know the truth because they're having trouble adapting to the next day one and the kids if you're an innovative online media company. for this new company. you have all these new costs and if you're a citizen. he then you can eat i'm bored. it's just allegations. he says it's a way for the old media companies context sensitive it all. the use of these proposals are fundamentally on business and that's why to get through this season it's a partnership agreement is they know that they can get it done domestically they try to do so. i may fail this won't be so. well yes but top nations hoping to possibly join ethic be a lot
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of people affected and how will you in your organization be watching the summit between the us department of administration top eight. do you think that meeting between these two lakh need leaders can actually be a nail in the coffin of disagreements regarding our internet again. absolutely because so many people as he hinted that he she is actually still there shining in a time last year and has a way. they used to enter trying to do with this. it was raining now. i miss you between the country's biggest reason the chance its. real simple that it basically says that gdp the last to know putting any more slip. between themselves these internet censorship was includes other
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restrictive measures on citizens. currently forty percent of the world's gdp beginning because the gospel to give to other countries you might think that people speak and more or less if you insist on secrecy. he knows it organizations. several countries including the ornaments are writers like it. the teachers to other stations there's a three million people have spoken and it's not succeed he continued. never will continue to grow. thus obama the other leaders the secrecy. steve anderson executive director of open media. technology has offered up yet again another great cheap accessible way to
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entertain yourselves with the area. the company charging a box to let you watch and record over the air tt. here's how. anyone can watch live broadcast tv for free on here. we didn't and there he was taking them and you come to you too small the scene. you can access them here. watch live broadcast tv entertainers you can choose to keep court tv with that the doe pockets the broadcasters fact the case abc versus area was argued in the supreme court today. broadcaster say iran is violating copyright law they re broadcasting programs ariel claims it's just went to school much like the vcr of yesteryear. i was doing earlier by georgetown university journalism professor christopher chambers he first asked him how viable on both the arguments in this case
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well look at it. of my noble enough so that the nine most powerful people in the united states. beside it. it's really comes from the second circuit court of appeals in new york decided against the networks to go to one decision. and this kick of the supreme court. and so you have these networks and along with the nfl and major league baseball interesting window life is already there. this is about money. on the inside this little business on the other that saying look we're innovation and getting stuff too. new technologies can stop the so you got this post is a war of the question of billionaires nurses know it's here where we're starting or bottom but it really is an emerging technology innovation and nineteen of its rulings based on the idea is a little diesel and ten. your mom and
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dad's big giant antennas that he was a supreme court is hearing from broadcasters is low. the smile in section one six the copyright act. we have exclusive rights to our content to scandal and sleepy hollow in all eleven abc news along with other shows they are taking it and re broadcasting it to the legal licence fee for that don't pay us a licence fee as copyright infringement can shut you down. the real estate know what to call the cloud and imminent and leasing service you get your own little clout to get a little tiny and ten. to be thousands upon thousands of bees and tennis court in brooklyn and the sky. then the heat the broadcaster single pass it to the broadcasting our stuff to the and say no broadcasting it to you. the project and to persons of the lease agreement with for the cloud and this little tiny cute and so you know it's it's their final arguments on both sides
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can be very interesting to see how the court shakes out on. went out there are a lot of analogies used in the proceedings had just come check for the valet parker or anything to make it easier for people to understand especially nice the whole cloud computing that the new center at on the concept of chopping something off and picking it up again. that's what they want a lot of these people want to get the pecan computing industry was frightened because essentially it would be claiming that the court ruled in favor of broadcasters then this huge mess in the cars competing companies have emily how to get customers to place lay and increased every tummy. a copy to use you seen a little bit in the oral arguments were the justices were little uncomfortable about the re broadcast the tape but they do not to kill off the cloud computing industry and their defiance and interesting balancing going on. between this first amendment rights
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in section one is a copy of copyright act and the weekly cloud computing which might be the hope that saves area we just don't know this but the thing is this is a huge situation here where yes there are touches of humor the dissenter in the second circuit that said look let's just be real this is re broadcasting. that could have gone out what to do that will be the next case which blew the whole industry open but it didn't help. broadcasting it until the broadcast industry and workers might do and some other conservatives on the supreme court in june when it comes to innovation do tend to be a little bit more broad minded. my belief with roberto tempted to save the cloud computing industry that really stick it to the broadcaster's army and navy force them to change their business model rather than the area to change its business model because it was
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the animation for it yet civil rights and the politics of it but actually we. i bought the bench and a half pound of how to stop an eye towards an interesting aspect of the journal of focus for testing and take it. if they ever wonder why we celebrate we should take a moment to be thankful that we live on this planet and chair set for the time being. astrid destroys it. according to physics and astronomy professor peter brown of western universities in canada than twenty six multi kill atomic explosion since two thousand won. all due to asteroid. thus meteorite impacts a video released on being the six one two foundation's website of all the impacts from the last decade everything documented once the energy against rates range from between one and six hundred tonnes. in comparison to the atomic bomb dropped on hiroshima excluding the impact of the team contends the lucky for us most of these
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asteroids. i entered the atmosphere becomes meteorites and then exploded landing mostly in the water if the two beach former astronaut and ceo of the nonprofit be six one two foundation and word little so the likelihood of such an impact was considered to be around thirty percent in a person's lifetime. a lot time to pray for dad just last year when astrid straight into our atmosphere. in short the skyline of china russia and he writes the energy of five hundred fewer tonnes. he weighed thirteen thousand metric tons of measure twenty meters in diameter ball there she blows. an even more terrifying. it entered earth's atmosphere undetected hopefully that happens again will be able to launch into a trashcan sailing harmlessly in the frozen lake. but he did in this case or it is an abandoned field in iowa city center. warm fuzzy thoughts on this earth. our form or
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the stories we covered a teacher dot com such anti american. the conference usa follow me on line on twitter after effects. the that i will email you. a lot of inactive they typically begins the washington has just obtained all the red white and at that point right then you might not that many of them that way by being
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really cheap and counting every penny. a danger to our analogy that is exactly how your routine walking dead is acting right now. by whom and in california. in any other daddy. with the idea. if the money to keep him away all of the aluminum cans joe biden senator that i think he got land they were trying to persuade lawmakers to make the cheese to one of the war anything that were returned it was bad. radio four daddy worked in the denver mint in nineteen seventy three. i don't think we like to see how rare that he was the sole director michael mcconnell who claims he realized how rare that i read we had to plant about going along with many an option. i
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think that i'm worth two hundred and fifty with an hour but the battle letter from the treasury department to me. can he. mr ritchie wanting to donate that can be we got back to the property of the government. the german lawyer asking a federal judge declared the government claim to be in balance. the general government. don't allow people to collect in the other point that if you get legal tender the bg watching me and him can he then went over to the lightning. the magic word one other than an outcry when it is only the mighty he's a he did alright. that way then that nothing pretty
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about been plenty to say talk about that. i finally entered at the red blue. and denise line until wednesday the twenty third. i'm catherine comanche and tokyo south korean authorities are expanding their investigation into the sinking of the fairies who will then try to determine what cause this go down last weekend they want to figure out who is to blame the ship capsized last wednesday with four hundred and seventy six people on board. many of them were high school students on a field trip. one hundred and twenty eight people


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